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SIlk Out System Taming & Cocktail Treatment

SilkOut Hair Care Systems, developed by 30-year salon professional Tammy Golden, This product is amazing, I am able to customize this system according to the needs of each client. I am always looking for the best product to bring to my customers. It fortifies the hair with ingredients that are natural, rich moisturizers and high in anti-oxidants with vitamins and botanical plant extracts.

Cysteine Protein - Acai Extract - Sugar Cane Acids (AHA)

This formula contains the finest grade ingredients that won't compromise hair or health.

It gives all the benefits of a traditional keratin treatment without the fumes or formaldehyde.

 A Taming Treatment is a revolutionary product that:

  • Restores and rebuilds the molecular structure of the hair
  • Defrizz and smooth cuticle for light control
  • Gently modify curl pattern up to 70% without harsh chemicals
  • Reduces styling time
  • Reduces breakage and split ends
  • Seals in color and strengthens relaxers
  • ​It gives you healthy and manageable hair 

Virgin Relaxer

Starting at $125.00

Complete relaxer application on hair that is virgin or hasn't been retouched in more than 4 months. Includes a restorative conditioning treatment and a trim$125-$160

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Natural Set

Starting at $65.00 up

Roller or Flexi Rod set on natural hair. $65 no heat $80 With blowdry

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SilkOut Plus (Natural Hair)

Starting at $65.00

Temporarily smoothing and styling hair with Ceramic Irons on natural hair which includes pressing the root area and finish with curls or flat-ironing. Best for clients with medium curly to coily hair that desire or require root press. Hair longer than 14 inches are subject to $20 surcharge for added product and labor. NO MATTED HAIR... DETANGLE PROPERLY BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT Hair that is matted from braids or negelct will be subject to cancellation or unmatting surcharge.

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Protective Maintenance

 (no style)


Before getting your braids, weave, or protective style we can properly protect your hair with our intense restorative cocktail to fill the strand and make it stronger, also protect from from chlorine and salt water. Recommended before and after braiding service. Service includes shampoo, treatment, and blowdry. Not styling included.

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The Works on Natural Curly to Coily Hair

Starting at $150.00

A complete restorative service that deep cleanses, deep condition and trim plus a silkout and brings hair back into a healthy state while softening and balancing the ph. Recommended for Natural texture clients on their 1st visit or returning from braids or weaves or damaged hair. Hair longer than 14 inches will incur a $25 surcharge.

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BlowOut on Natural Hair

Starting at $50.00

Cleanse Condition and get a great blown straight hair. For the client looking for a break from heat we can blow it straight so you can manage your natural without ironing. $50-75 (men welcome too)

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Add on to any SilkOut , Relaxer, or Taming service, shapes and removes split ends for healthier and better looking hair.

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add on services


Intense hair repair without the smoothing of our original treatment, Great for damaged and chemical treated hair, for protecting hair, or refreshing a Taming Treatment. Last 8-10 weeks.

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SilkOut Max (Natural High Density and Lengths)

Starting at $120.00

Shampoo, Heat Conditioning, and SilkOut. on excessive curly to coily hair. Typically 4c hair types that require more time, product and labor. Hair lengths of 14 inches or longer are subject to additional $25 surcharge.. These hair types don't respond instant conditioning so require additional care. Unmatting hair that comes to us tangeld and knotted will inquire additional charges. see our Unmatting service..

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Unmatting Detangling


If you find your hair is matted after wearing weaves, braids, twistout, etc we ask that you comb and remove debris and loose hair particles before arriving or we advise you to book this service to allow for the time and energy it will take to properly do so. If you surprise us with a matted mess you will probably spend an unwanted amount of time in the salon as we have to move forward and stay on schedule. We charge up to $40/30 minutes of detangling. Book accordingly.

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Curly Cut


Trim or shape up on naturally curly hair, Includes shampoo and conditioning. Blow dry extra

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Not sure what your next styling choice is or need expert advice. Book a consultation. If you choose to move forward with a service from us, consulting price will be deducted from that service.

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Taming Treatment

Starting at $250.00

A formaldehyde FREE smoothing treatment that repairs, restores, decrease frizz and softens hair for easy styling and longer lasting thermal styling services. Gives hair the Feel of Silk! Price varies depending on length and texture. short to Medium length average texture $250, Medium and thick to long $300, past 14" is 350

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