Taming Treatment System

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Maintain your hair between services!!

These product are use to maintain your hair at home. You can purchase online or in salon.

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We are a professional trained team of stylist specializing in texture hair from naturally straight to very curly. At HTS&S, hair care is not an option its mandatory, so recommend that all new clients are booked with our Back to Balance service to deep condition and restore hair that has been untreated or damaged. This ensures the best finish possible. . Next we finish and "silkout" hair using our custom ceramic pressing techniques without the use of excessive heat. Third we also offer relaxers and Taming smoothing treatments to help each client manage their hair according to their lifestyle and get you in and out of the salon. Our goal is to help you create and maintain your most beautiful healthy hair.

Special Instructions

We ask that you book the actual service you desire, not a service with lessor time and then message additional services. the System is programmed with the time of the service in mind to provide the best customer experience. We only service kids that are comfortable with in salon services. No kids allowed in salon unless being serviced. We have a small service area and our clients like to relax and most importantly it's our insurance policy does not allow for kids in the salon unless being serviced. However due to limited waiting space and to maintain a relaxing environment we'd appreciate if you refrain from bringing guest.. Thank you for understanding.

Cancellation Policy

We book by appointment only. Cancelling appointment requires 24hrs notice. Credit card is required for bookings and will only be charged in the event you fail to cancel before 24hrs or show up for your appointment. Moving your appointment to another time and or date less than 12hrs or because you are late for your scheduled time will require a $25 rebooking fee to cover the cost of the time set aside for your original appointment. Last minutes changes blocks appointment times that other clients are seeking and affects our bottom line. Within 24hrs you own that time and are responsible for the time booked. Full payment of booked service will be required for no call no show and will be required to pay for full price of service booked before a new appointment can be accepted. Thanks in advance for understanding our desire to continue providing great hair care while valuing the time of all of our clients.

Taming Treatment FAQ's

  • What is a Taming Treatment? A Taming Treatment is a high performance restorative and smoothing service.
  • Is it like a relaxer? No a relaxer is a corrosive, our treatment is restorative and gently softens.

  1. What are the active ingredients? Sugar Cane Cysteine, Amino Acids, and Glycolic Acid, this combination in conjunction with argan oil, acai oil, and cocoa butter restores hair at the molecular level.
  2. Can pregnant women use the treatment? Our product is non-toxic and contains no fumes or formaldehyde but always have then check with their Doctor for advice.
  3. Can children use this treatment? We recommend it for children 9 and above.
  4. How long will it the service last? For active women that sweat and shampoo frequently up to 3 – 4 months and for women with moderate activity up to 5 months. Our restorative cocktail helps to refresh the treatment at midpoint and can be used to extend the life of a treatment.
  5. Can I use this with color? Yes, 
  6. If I  have a keratin treatment, how can I transition? Easy, you will get the same and even greater results with this treatment, all the smoothing with tons of shine and conditioning.
  7. How soon before you shampoo? There is no curing period with this treatment so clients can shampoo as desired.
  8. Will the hair be bone straight? No smoothing seals the cuticle and depending the number of passes you can gently break up to 70% of the curl pattern if desired on wavy hair and 60% on coarser hair. But hair will be extremely manageable. 100% straightening is not recommended.
  9. What is the restorative cocktail?   This will give you all the conditioning benefits without smoothing. Great as a refresher to a treatment that is not quite time to redo again, but needs the conditioning properties.
  10. Will it work on all hair types? Yes, every type from wavy to coily can be fortified and smoothed for ease of style.
  11. What about kinky curly, traditional treatments tend to dry that hair? Yes our unique blend of ingredients including argan and acai oils help to add extra lubrication to these hair types to keep them soft and pliable.
  12. Can I use on a relaxer? Yes we recommend the restorative cocktail on relaxed hair to replenish the hair in the cortex. 
  13. Can you use when transitioning from a relaxer? yes it is prefect when transitioning.