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The Procedure

Step One

Get in touch with us and make an appointment. We will send you a pre-consultation form to fill in once your appointment is confirmed or if it’s a matter of urgency, we can try to fit you in as soon as possible.

Step Two

We adopt a holistic approach to the consultation. We will not only examine your hair and scalp, but we will also collect an array of personal and medical information from you to help us develop an overview of your general health. This will help us in arriving at a more reliable and accurate diagnosis of your condition. We will conduct a trichoscopy scalp and hair examination, and we may even request some hair samples from you for further investigation. The information you provide with regards to your health, medications, diet, and hair care practices will be very useful in helping us help you.

Bio Communication

ZYTO scanning involves presenting questions in the form of digital signatures that the body answers directly.

How It Works

The ZYTO Hand Cradle measures the body’s galvanic skin response to each unique signature and sends the data directly to the software for analysis.

The Result

An easy-to-read report displays a ranking of items whose corresponding digital signatures resulted in greater biological coherence or preference.

We do not recommend that Zyto treat and cure any disease, make sure you consult your physician before stopping any medication or adding supplements.

Body ph Test

The saliva test shows how healthy the body is functioning, it will also determine if you are absorbing the nutrients from the foods you eat and if you are getting the full vitamin/mineral content from your supplement regime. This test also shows how well the lymphatic system and the body’s tissues are performing at that moment. Both tests will determine the pH of the body to see if it is either acidic or alkaline

We advise not to wash your hair at least 48 hours before your consultation. If you are having concerns about your scalp, hair loss, hair breakage, or simply need help with your hair care regimen, please contact us to make an appointment.

Quite often, scalp and hair conditions are the results of poor hair care regimens or cosmetic mishaps. It is, however, common that underlying (diagnosed or undiagnosed) medical conditions and lifestyle choices (such as nutrition, drugs, and alcohol) are the culprits.

Our trichologist will conduct a thorough consultation (30 to 60 minutes), A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to discuss the result. Treatment will be drafted if you are a viable candidate for treatments. Depending on the recommended treatment, payment plans are available. Sometimes it may be necessary to send you for some blood work, so we can identify the cause of your complaints, and give you more informed advice.

Blood Type Test (additional)

This service is optional, As stated we take the Holistic approach, therefore, we recommend a blood type diet. Eating according to your blood type. If you do not know your blood type this test is recommended.

Step Three

Depending on the diagnosis, we will offer you our expert advice with regard to the next steps you should take. It could be that we are able to offer you a treatment plan, in which case we will give you a prognosis of your condition and let you know how often you will need to visit our clinic.

In some cases, we may feel that you would be best served by consulting with a medical professional, and we will advise and guide you towards the most appropriate specialist for your concerns. We follow a strict code of conduct and ethics and only act in your best interest.

Our Consultation Includes:

Fo​r many of the conditions we encounter, we are able to offer some treatment options or recommendations, but we are also happy to refer you to the relevant medical specialists who will be able to help you the most efficiently.

Full Hair and Scalp Analysis: Manual and Microscopic

Microscopic Hair Root Investigation If Necessary

Microscopic Hair Shaft Investigation

Medical and Dietary Histories Are Investigated

Saliva test


Blood type test

A Differential Diagnosis Is Made When Possible

A Prognosis Is Made When Possible

Non-Trichological Consultations

Headlines Trichology Salon & Spa also offers non-trichological consultations for clients who simply want to learn how to take care of their curly or Afro hair types. Such a consultation will include:

A Hair and Scalp Examination

Current Hair Care Routine

Current Hair Care Products

Hair Density

Hair Porosity

Hair Texture and Curl Pattern

Hair Expectations

Hair Regimen Suggestions

Products Suggestions

Styling Suggestions

Nutrition Advice If Needed

A Hair Care History: Chemical Processes (Colouring, Perms, Relaxers,) and Styling History (Straightening, Braids, Weaves, Wigs, and Twists)


Trichologists are not medical doctors, although a medical doctor can also specialize in trichology. We give you advice based on our best assessment of your hair and/or scalp condition(s). Recommendations for treatments, products, and hair regimen changes are not failproof.

Everybody is unique, and your hair and/or scalp may respond differently due to different internal biochemistry and/or previous and current medical status. It’s very important that you disclose to us any medical conditions you have had treatments for or are currently being treated for.

Always check product ingredients for any allergies/intolerances you may have. We will not be held responsible if you incur any damage that may have been avoided had you disclosed all relevant information pertaining to your health, hair, and/or scalp.

Please contact us for more information about our services.

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